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Our broadcasts from Europe:

Channel 292 is running a revised schedule after their chief enginner broke his leg whilst working on the antenna. We are currently on 3955 and 6070 khz as well as on 15770 from WRMI at 2000UT Sundays for Europe!
Check us out on Twitter for exact times and frequencies
For Europe you can find us on the air twice a week with the initial broadcast being on Wednesday and a repeat on Saturday. We are relayed via our friends at Channel 292 in Germany. You can visit then for the latest times and frequencies as well as other great shows by clicking here ---> Channel 292
The Wednesday transmission time is
  • 1700 UTC
  • 1800 CET
The Saturday transmission times are
  • 2200 UTC
  • 2300 CET
In Europe tune your Shortwave Radio to 3955 khz in the 75 Metre band.
3955 khz also works well for Northern Africa and 9670 works well for The UK and Eire as well as Russia! It even makes it to East Coast North America
Listeners in North and South America as well as in the Caribbean can hear us on 5950 khz every Sunday via WRMI from Okeechobee, Florida in the USA. Reception is also possible in western Europe. You can visit then for the latest times and frequencies as well as other great shows by clicking here ---> WRMI
WRMI transmission time is
  • 0200 UTC during Standard Time, 0100 UTC during DST(Monday)
  • 2200 (10 PM) Atlantic Time - 2230 (10:30 PM) in Newfoundland
  • 2100 (9 PM) Eastern Time
  • 2000 (8 PM) Central Time
  • 1900 (7 PM) Mountain Time
  • 1800 (6 PM) Pacific Time
In the Americas tune your Shortwave Radio to
5950 khz in the 49 Metre band.

For a PDF file of the schedule, click here ---> Pop Shop Radio Schedule

No Shortwave Radio? No problem!
Visit any of the internet based software defined radios around the world! Give these two links a try:
For Wednesday and Saturday --> 3955 khz
For Wednesday and Saturday --> 9670 khz
For Sunday --> 5950 khz
For Sunday --> 5950 khz

In addition you try out any of the radios found at these links:
But I don't wanna mess with that!
Check out our library of archived shows:
Past Shows on-line

There's hours of groovy listening just waiting to be heard there!